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Gig Diary ABC 2 Glasgow 23/8/2013

Greg struts his stuff on stage. Photo by Kevin Byrne

Greg struts his stuff on stage. Picture by Kevin Byrne

Its Friday rush hour. I’m desperate to pick up Stu and get out the town. the city lights of Glasgow are calling. The ABC awaits. As I look in the rearview mirror Falkirk fades away. Nothing draws me to our local music scene now.

I pick up Stu, there is almost a quiet excitement as he loads his trusted Gibson into the boot of the car. We set off, chatting about the gig to come and the future of the band. The new album, the new tunes and gigs. We want to play gigs, this sort of excitement can’t be matched.

The roads to the city are fine and we arrive promptly at the venue. Stu and I park up, we Derek who has a face that could make a pitbull back down, Greg is laid back and chilled out. Usual. The reason for Derek’s ire? We’ve been placed second on the running order of five bands. Thankfully after a bit of Del boy negotiation we’re placed third on the bill. Our faithful fans won’t miss us after all.

Paul rocks, Derek sips. Juls took this picture

Paul rocks, Derek sips. Juls took this picture

We stepped back stage to see End Transmission. It was good to see the girls again, great to see them playing these types of gigs. They has the hair straighteners out and more beer than us. They sounded good, nailed a good set it was a pity to see them on first though. Second on was a really pleasant chap and his guitar with no backing band. Takes guts to do that. Unfortunately I can’t recall his name.





Miss Asphyxia




Pabs hammering the hell out of his guitar while Greg holds the groove. Picture by Kevin Byrne

Pabs hammering the hell out of his guitar while Greg holds the groove. Picture by Kevin Byrne

Derek kicked things off with the pounding toms of Speak, Its the best way to start a gig, gets me hyper. I pick the first notes, sing the first line and it all flows. We have a few dancers, I love that. I just makes me want go full pelt into the songs. Every note screamed, every lick nailed. In a second Speak is go and Greg is carving out the intro of Joker. Great start for us. the crowd is brilliant. Some of the folks know the tunes now and its great to hear people yell as the song starts. What a buzz. Wonder gives us a breather, we say hello to the utterly wonderful people who pay and travel to see us. Every moment of our performance is for them. Our next song is Miss Asphyxia, brand new. We get another great reception. A hint of the next album before we go back to our current set. Power is the quietest moment of the night gives our set a wee dynamic, breaks things up a bit. Steel is next, it all goes well. its a tricky song for me to play live but I get through it. Industry finally gets its live debut. An extended version of this song for our friend Phil. Its a great end to the set. We pack up as Don’t Look Down enter the stage. I have a quick look back to the stage as we had behind the scenes. Top gig.

Stu has never ever struck this pose before. Must've been the excitement! Pic by Juls

Stu has never ever struck this pose before. Must’ve been the excitement! Pic by Juls

Don’t Look Down rock the roof off, Enemies of The State also had a very accomplished sound. I was working the next day so It wasn’t so bad hanging around listened to two decent bands.

Last orders we’re called and the crowd drift away. Another cracking night for our band. As midnight approaches I drive along the deserted road back to Falkirk I hope we have many more nights just like this.



Wonder video

Wonder video

Our music video for our song Wonder from our album Weird Decibels 1.

Struggling for a Theme?

Some ideas for themes

Record Labels, ten tracks from your favourite label

I Recommend, ten tracks you think people haven’t heard

Links, ten tracks linked by a common factor (producer, guitarist, etc)

My Fest. you are in charge of a stage at a festival pick any ten bands you think will make a classic festival.

I Prefer their Earlier Stuff, Ten great tracks from bands that disappeared after early hype.  

From Heaven Or Hell, Ten Tracks from dead musicians even if other members are still alive.

Out My Comfort Zone, ten tracks from your undiscovered genres

Local Scene, Ten fine tracks from unsigned acts

Short Or Long? (Pre draw) an even split of FAMASIANS some will have to fill an 45 minute album with the longest tracks possible, others will have to fill a 45 minute album with as many tracks as possible.

Countries. We did Cities lets try ten tracks from Countries 

Quiet/Loud (Pre draw) an even split of FAMASIANS some will have ten tracks of ultra heavy whilst others will have to go lite!

Music Videos, a great idea from our Derek, best ten music videos (prob will be used by Derek)


FAMAS 14 hits the Cities.

A fine night hosted by Byrne the theme was music from cities. This brought us one of the most varied music nights to date. It was a pleasure to listen to. Another great effort from covers as well.


Selection process were names hidden in Kinder Eggs! Byrne painstakingly put the chocolates back together after slipping the Famasians name in beside the toy. Rather inspired. 


Byrne tried to embrace streaming technology much to a disgruntled Derek who’s CD was interupped by mobile phones and tablets fighting for the router bandwidth! Once we got it sorted we were rolling.

Start 7pm Finish between 2 and 3am

Drink flow rate: Very Fast

Drink variation: Trad mix of ale, wine, lager, cider and cocktails

Controversial Conversation rating : Arrestable at points. Open windows didn’t help!

Listening Order;

  1. Derek
  2. Pabs (Cover Winner)
  3. Stu
  4. Dale (Debut, welcome to FAMAS may your drunken journey be long and loud)
  5. Byrne (Music Winner, now 2 in a row)
  6. Taz
  7. Wilson
  8. Craig (Title Winner)

Tried recording the quotes as we went along but it didn’t really work, they can be found on the Facebook page. 

Well done to Byrne who matches Craigs record of two music wins in a row a fine achievement. Can he make it three?


A fine night by Mr Byrne.


(PS I had the worst hangover of my life on the Sunday. Pabs)

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